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Ways to Tell a Designer Jacket from a Cheap Knockoff

Selecting a high-quality leather jacket is not always easy. Pricing is higher to match the exceptional quality, but there are many manufacturers that attempt to get top dollar for cheap knockoff leather. They mimic designer leather jackets enough to fool most shoppers. The best way to avoid paying too much for a cheap jacket is to know the difference between low and high quality. There are a few tell-tale signs that will indicate whether the jacket in question is a real mens designer leather jacket.

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Most people check the label and make sure it says “100% Real Leather”. That is no guarantee the jacket is designer quality because real leather can have variations. Cheap coats are made of real leather, but it has been corrected. That term refers to a process that removes blemishes, scarring, or branding marks on the skin. The leather is usually sanded down to make imperfections less noticeable, or small synthetic fibers are woven into the hide to conceal the appearance. The leather is in fact real, but it is thinner, not as durable, and may crack or tear easily. Look closely at the material to find small pores in it. Feel it as well. If it is slippery, it has been corrected. Lastly smell the jacket for that unmistakable rich aroma. Low quality leather will not have the same smell as designer jackets.

Pay attention to the detailing on the jacket. If the top stitching is thick and pronounced, it is a designer jacket. Thinner thread or no top stitching at all indicates a knockoff product. The zipper of a designer jacket will be thick, strong, and typically be two-way zippers for extra comfort when sitting. The position and size of the armholes are also different in a cheap jacket. Those have large armholes that are situated low in the jacket. The reason for that is to fit more body types and sell more jackets. That compromises the fit and can make the jacket look sloppy. High armholes provide a better fit and allow more flexibility when moving the arms. A designer jacket will also have one lining in the body and separate linings in the sleeves. That is done for added comfort and to prevent tearing at the shoulders. Keep the details in mind when shopping for a leather jacket to make sure you are paying for excellent quality.

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